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Postpartum and maternal mental health

Parenthood is a life-defining change that can induce stress during pregnancy, immediately following birth, or after you’ve had kids for years. No matter what the underlying cause, I can help you through this life transition.

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Postpartum and maternal mental health treatment approach

Women can struggle emotionally at any time during parenthood, including during pregnancy, following birth, or even later into your child’s development. Mourning is also common following miscarriages and it’s important to recognize that you are not alone – many women feel this way.

As a therapist specializing in women’s issues, I can support you as you work through the challenges of pregnancy, birth, or motherhood in general. Seeking support is an important aspect of self-care and can help you achieve a healthy, happy life.


Postpartum and maternal mental health

Unfortunately, our culture makes it seem like every new mom should be in constant delight when having a new baby. This can lead women who don’t feel this way to think that something is wrong with them. However, the opposite is true: many women experience a range of emotions related to their new baby.

Often, women who pride themselves on being an overachiever and being organized have an especially hard time when faced with the reality that it is impossible to be perfect at caring for a baby – there is so much that is now out of their control!

Women can experience these symptoms at varying degrees and can be classified anywhere from “Baby Blues” to “Postpartum Depression.” Symptoms include:

1 in 7

new mothers affected*


women treated annually*

Postpartum stress

#1 birth complication*

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